What's the "Light paintinG" ?


What is Light painting ? It means « Painting with Light» also referred to as  LightGraff, a photographic and artistic technique that aims to play with one or several light sources. You could compare it with Graffitis made with spray paint that adorn different media in our cities. This activity is often practised in town to allow you to play with street lighting and street furniture, in the nature or inside (house, warehouse, etc...). For this artistic activity, the camera has to be fasten on a stand in long exposure. There are many different ways to play with light, the direct one and the indirect one, the direct way consists of showing the light source to the lens, so that you can draw or write ..., the indirect way consists of hiding the light source to the lens so that you can light up what's around us for instance or create specific effects. You can use all kinds of light sources, a torch, a LED-array, Bengal light, tube, fireworks, steel wool ...

If you feel like it, I organize background workshops on request in the nature, with or without equipment 5 persons, please contact me.


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